Leadership By InSPIration

the leadership style that inspires seeking ones full potential 

What is more powerful?  Fear or Inspired Loyalty?

Understand the power of leading from the front and finding the best in the people you lead.  It is a clear science that once understood, can transform you into the leader who people will follow to Hades and back.

Seminar Cost:  $495

Sales secrets

the ultimate weapon in sales 

Delve into one of the mostly guarded secrets in sales. Mastering the concept will not only change your production numbers for the better but can change you completely if applied to your daily life.  Sales is Life.  Time to start living!

Seminar Cost:  $495

Leadership By Inspiration

Lombard Training Center

  • Next class: May 2014 TBD

Sales Secrets

Lombard Training Center

  • Next Class: June 2014 TBD

How to be an amazing public speaker

Lombard Training Center

  • Sunday, June 8th: 2:00pm - 6:00pm 

Leadership series:

secretS to Being an amazing public speaker...

You've seen them.  They walk into the room and make their announcement.  Everyone stops and listens.  They have power over everyone that you can feel.  What does it take to become an amazing public speaker? 

Learn fundamentals that you can build upon to become the amazing speaker you want to be and get a shot at making your own presentation.  The spotlight awaits you!

Seminar Cost:  $199

- Registration Notes:  If you have a Groupon, please use the code "Speaker" in your registration and bring the printed Groupon to the seminar with you.  Groupon Certificates are valid for any seminar date of the same name and do not expire with Entrepreneur Haven.